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cat eye, Turquoise Cateye Beaded Pendant blue and black cat eye necklace



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This wearable versio cat eyen o cat eyef o cat eyene o cat eyef my Hexcats is 2.5 inches o cat eyer 6.35 cm in diameter.\r\rThe eye is hand cast resin. Spider wire was used to cat eye sew the glass seed bead ruff to cat eye the base. Hand quilting thread was used to cat eye secure the velo cat eyeur o cat eyever the padded base and add the ears.\r\rThe pendant hangs fro cat eyem a 20 inch o cat eyer 50.80cm rawhide co cat eyerd. Yo cat eyeu can use the wo cat eyeo cat eyeden bead o cat eyen the co cat eyerd to cat eye adjust the length o cat eyef the necklace.\r\rIf yo cat eyeu do cat eye no cat eyet care fo cat eyer the leather co cat eyerd, I can use either the rayo cat eyen co cat eyerd o cat eyer a metal chain like the o cat eyeptio cat eyens sho cat eyewn in the last picture.\r\rIf yo cat eyeu cho cat eyeo cat eyese the chain, it will have a lo cat eyebster claw clasp. Please let me kno cat eyew what length chain yo cat eyeu want if yo cat eyeu o cat eyerder this o cat eyeptio cat eyen.\r\rIf yo cat eyeu have any questio cat eyens o cat eyer wo cat eyeuld like a custo cat eyem piece, please feel free to cat eye co cat eyentact us.\r\rWe ship internatio cat eyenally. Our shipping fees include packaging, prio cat eyerity mail po cat eyestage, and delivery co cat eyenfirmatio cat eyen. If yo cat eyeu want a cheaper shipping o cat eyeptio cat eyen like parcel po cat eyest, please co cat eyentact me. Any o cat eyeverages in shipping fees o cat eyever a $1.00 will be refunded.

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