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toddler, PDF Knitting Pattern - Tiny Tea Time Slippers



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Tiny Tea Time Slippers are a super quick knit with virtually no finishing.\rKnit from the toe up, all in one piece. Just weave in the ends when you are done and felt. I think it will take longer for them to dry than to actually knit up.\r\r\r\rKeep your toddlers toes toasty warm with this quick and easy knit all in one piece felted slipper.\r\r\u2022 Sizes S (M, L, XL)\r\u2022 approximate US kids size: 4/5 (5/6, 6/7)\r\rMaterials and Tools:\r\u2022 Size 10 double pointed needles \u2013 you will need 4 needles (I like to use wood/bamboo)\r\r\u2022 Size 10 straight needles (optional)\r\r\u2022 One stitch marker\r\r\u2022 200 yards worsted weight 100% wool or other feltable yarn\r\r\u2022 Two buttons (optional)\r\r\u2022 Fabric Paint or suede patches for the sole, girls

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