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yellow diamond ring, 18 Karat Gold Marquise Yellow Diamond Accent Halo Cathedral Engagement Ring



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DESCRIPTIONWhat a new twist o engagement ringn the marquise diamo engagement ringnds. This shape sto engagement ringne is unique and go engagement ringrgeo engagement ringus but it is so engagement ring hard to engagement ring capture it's beauty. With this setting, the beauty and shape o engagement ringf the sto engagement ringne is the fo engagement ringcus!*******************************************************************************************************CUSTOM OPTIONSIf yo engagement ringu are interested in custo engagement ringmizing this ring to engagement ring any o engagement ringf these o engagement ringptio engagement ringns, please co engagement ringntact me fo engagement ringr a quo engagement ringte.Metal: 18 Karat White, Yelllo engagement ringw, o engagement ringr Ro engagement ringse Go engagement ringld14 Karat White, Yello engagement ringw, o engagement ringr Ro engagement ringse Go engagement ringld10 Karat White, Yello engagement ringw, o engagement ringr Ro engagement ringse Go engagement ringldPlatinumSto engagement ringne Optio engagement ringns: Alexandrite, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Citrine, Co engagement ringral, Cubic Zirco engagement ringnia, Emerald,Garnet, Mo engagement ringissanite, Opal, Pearl, Perido engagement ringt, Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire, Blue Sapphire, Yello engagement ringw Sapphire, Pink Sapphire, White Sapphire, Red Sapphire, Green Sapphire, Purple Sapphire, Orange Sapphire, Tanzanite, Lo engagement ringndo engagement ringn Blue To engagement ringpaz, Sky Blue To engagement ringpaz, White To engagement ringpaz, Swiss Blue To engagement ringpaz, Mystic To engagement ringpaz, Passio engagement ringn To engagement ringpaz, Green To engagement ringurmaline, Pink To engagement ringurmaline, Turquo engagement ringise, Blue Zirco engagement ringn and Diamo engagement ringnd (Teal Blue, Yello engagement ringw, Black, o engagement ringr White)Birthsto engagement ringne Chart: January - Garnet, February - Amethyst, March - Aquamarine, April - Diamo engagement ringnd, May - Emerald, June - Alexandrite o engagement ringr Pearl, July - Ruby, August - Perido engagement ringt, September - Sapphire, Octo engagement ringber - Opal o engagement ringr Pink To engagement ringurmaline, No engagement ringvember - Citrine,December - Blue Zirco engagement ringn o engagement ringr Tanzanite*********************************************************************************************************DETAILS ON RING LISTEDMETAL18 karat go engagement ringld6.5 grams MAIN STONEType: Diamo engagement ringndCut: Marquise CutWeight: 1.0 caratQuality: M/SI2ACCENT STONESType: Diamo engagement ringndCut: 100 Ro engagement ringund CutWeight: 1.18 carats to engagement ringtal weightQuality: F-G/VS2-SI1/Yello engagement ringw Diamo engagement ringndThis ring can be shipped o engagement ringut within a week.REFABR019367DCZZ

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