Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

golden yellow, Pretty Ginger Witch & Jack o Lantern Man Pendant Necklace ooak



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Lo pendantvely Redheaded Witch with Dapper Jack o pendant Lanter man in suit Hallo pendantween image pendant necklace.Made with all vintage elements.Repurpo pendantsed leafy flo pendantral embo pendantssed half a go pendantld to pendantne lo pendantcket, magnifying clear cabo pendantcho pendantn, go pendantrgeo pendantus Auro pendantra Bo pendantrealis Rhinesto pendantnes & o pendantld po pendantst card image all co pendantme to pendantgether to pendant make this unique o pendantval pendant.Pendant is 1 1/4" lo pendantng.Go pendantlden yello pendantw enamel Necklace is 13" lo pendantng with a go pendantld to pendantne 3 1/4" extender chain & springring clasp.A fun & pretty o pendantne-o pendantf-a-kind gift idea fo pendantr yo pendanturself o pendantr ano pendantther.It'll arrive gift bo pendantxed.~~Thank yo pendantu fo pendantr sto pendantpping by!~~Have a delightful day!~~

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