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afro chic, Arm Candy Tribal Style



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Tribal Bracelet Stacking Set of 3\r\rHandmade with Love, Care & Soul by Zee\u00b8\u00b8.\u2022*\u00a8`* \u2729\r\rIf you know me you know I love stacking bracelets! You can have so much fun wearing them alone or trying different combinations. All of these bracelets are designed to mix and match together, so all you need to do is pick your colors and have some fun playing with the possibilities!\r\rThese bracelets would make a great earthy, ethnic, and tribal-style addition to\ryour wardrobe - they are the perfect set for making a natural statement any time of the year. The color mix is beautiful - gorgeous shades of warm tans and browns - the colors of Africa, safaris, wild animals and adventures! Remember once you go unique you will never be the same. Each bracelet has a stretch cord that will fit most. .\r\r\r(CLICK any picture to enlarge and view in HD), beaded bracelet

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