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textile bracelet, Victorian Steampunk Black White Textile Fabric Bracelet Cuff Crochet Button



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Bracelet made of vintage textile, hand crocheted button in black, and hand crochet lace make up this striking cuff.She dressed for dinner....would it be gloves or her favorite cuff? This cuff is very simple and elegant. It is mostly black and white, but has a bit of taupe green running through it. I've used a lovely piece of hand crocheted lace. The huge black button is covered with black crochet and also provides the closure for this textile cuff. The edge is fringed and some pearl type beads dangle from an old safety pin.7.5 x 3Button can be moved to adjust for size.http://www./shop/Waterrose?ref=si_shop\u00a92016 - 2020 waterrose handcrafted obsessions, crochet button

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