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Steampunk Jewelry, Necklace ILLINOIS Pocket Watch EMERALD Crystal MAY Birthstone, Anniversary Womens, Boyfriend Gift - Steampunk Jewelry by edmdesignsSteampunk Jewelry, Steampunk Necklace ULTRA RARE - GUILLOCHE ETCHED, Vintage ILLINOIS Jeweled Pocket Watch MAY Birthstone Emerald Crystal GORGEOUS Pattern, Personalized with Your Choice of Birthstone, Wedding Anniversary May Birthstone, Birthdays, Christmas Gift for Men or Women, Holiday Gift For Her, Womens Jewelry Gift, Mens Jewelry Gift - UNISEX - Men or Women - Think Boyfriend or Girlfriend - THIS IS A TRUE STATEMENT LUXURY TIMEPIECE Necklace - DON'T MISS THIS STUNNING Necklace - VALENTINE'S DAY GIFT, MUST SEE!! - Steampunk Jewelry by edmdesignsShop Home Page: http://www.edmdesigns.** UNIQUE DESIGNS IN STEAMPUNK INDUSTRIAL JEWELRY **This is an exceptional offering of a gorgeous necklace created from a very bold, antique ILLINOIS Watch Co. silver ornate pocket watch. The photos do not begin to do justice to the intricacy and detail of this spectacular timepiece. This pocket watch features a dazzling patterned GUILLOCHE etching that is combined with a subtle wavy, fluid pattern. The GORGEOUS genuine rubies have been set within 10k gold jewel bezel caps - another "step up" in the quality of this vintage ELEGANT and prestigious timepiece. Do a simple check on the Illinois Watch Company and you'll find their timepieces run into the tens of thousands of dollars - SHEER LUXURY.....The intricate designs and complex layers of gears will captivate your eyes again and again -- Please ENLARGE the images so you can really see this one of a kind beauty. Its UTTERLY SPECTACULAR in every way and in PRISTINE condition for a timepiece this old. I've added a 10mm emerald faceted Swarovski crystal - MAY Birthstone, set in a pocket watch bezel cup. If you tilt it you will find the light catching BOTH the etchings as well as the gleaming plates. It literally shimmers and exquisitely designed. This is LUXURY all the way. Elegant, Sleek and Trendy Chic. Its a drop dead gorgeous! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~** IMPORTANT NOTE - As this is made to order and I have only 3 left after all the Holiday sales, this can be designed with YOUR CHOICE of Birthstone or "Meaningful Color" - Just about ALL colors can be ordered, customized just for you - Just contact me. Men or Women's Gift. DON'T LET THIS SLIP AWAY - ZOOM IN AND LOOK AT ALL THE LUXURIOUS DETAILS!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The pocket watch pendant measures approximately 1-1/2 inches in diameter and the silver plated double round link chain measures approximately 18 inches in length. This is truly an BREATHTAKING and One of A kind STATEMENT Piece. Own a luxury timepiece that will have your friends and yourself dazzled and feeling beautiful. You become a part of mechanical history - every time you wear this you will marvel at the care and craftsmanship that went into this creation years ago. If you are looking for a piece that oozes elegance and sophistication, this necklace is the perfect choice.SHARP, SLINK and SO SEXY......*** FULLY TORCH SOLDERED TO LAST A LIFETIME - Don't Settle For Less in Quality **NECKLACES and PENDANTS Gallery here:https://www./shop/edmdesigns?section_id=5460649RINGS Gallery here:https://www./shop/edmdesigns?section_id=5460648BRACELETS and CUFFS Gallery here:https://www./shop/edmdesigns?section_id=5460650EARRING Gallery here:https://www./shop/edmdesigns?section_id=5460982WATCH CUFFLINKS Gallery here:https://www./shop/edmdesigns?section_id=5268985VINTAGE LAPEL PINS and BROOCHES Gallery here:https://www./shop/edmdesigns?section_id=5460658MONEY CLIPS Gallery:https://www./shop/edmdesigns?section_id=21315670ANTIQUE & VINTAGE GOGGLES Gallery here:https://www./shop/edmdesigns?section_id=5405892TEXTILE WRIST CUFFS Gallery here:https://www./shop/edmdesigns?section_id=5248972~~~ Shop Home Page: http://www.edmdesigns. ~~~~Textile Wrist Cuffs, Men's Shirt Garters, Steampunk, Industrial and Neo Victorian Optical/Pocket Watch case lens assemblage necklaces - all One of a Kinds, Wearable Art Wear, Industrial Punk Accessories, Diesel Punk, Punk, Goth, Post Apocalyptic Nihilist Grunged Clockwork Jewelry, Victorian Inspired Designs, Antique Estate Jewelry, Original Handmade, repurposed Jewelry & Antique Eyewear with SPECIALTY in Antique Authentic Goggles including, Vintage Spectacles & Eyewear, Edwardian, Victorian, early American Driving and Aviator goggles.*** PLEASE CHECK OUR OTHER LISTINGS FOR MORE STEAMPUNK, PUNK, GOTH & VICTORIAN STYLE HANDMADE JEWELRY, TEXTILE WRIST CUFFS, TEXTILE BRIDAL AND VICTORIAN STEAMPUNK CHOKERS, SLEEVE AND SHIRT GARTERS, SKIRT HIKERS, STEAMPUNK CLOTHING & ACCESSORIES ***Copyright \u00a9 2005-2019 and beyond belongs solely to edmdesigns. 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