Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Druzy Necklacegreen druzy necklace, Green Gem and Gold Filled Necklacegreen druzy necklace, Fine Jewelry



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http://www./shop/heatherberryThis trending style features a beautiful druzy bead on an 18 inch gold filled chain. Gold Filled jewelry has a thicker much more durable layer of gold than gold plated items giving you years of enjoyment and compliments. The teardrop measures about 19mm tall and 13mm at its widest point. It shimmers and glitters with different iridescent colors ranging from gold to lavender to teal and blue depending on light and angle. Your necklace will ship in a little gift box within 3 business days, and often more quickly!These are just so pretty that the pictures can't even do them justice!\u2665 ******\u2665 ******\u2665 ******\u2665 ******\u2665 *****\u2665 ******\u2665 ******\u2665 ******\u2665 ******\u2665 ******\u2665 ******\u2665 ******\u2665\u2665 ******\u2665 ******\u2665 ******\u2665 ******\u2665 *****\u2665 ******\u2665 ******\u2665 ******\u2665 ******\u2665 ******\u2665 ******\u2665 ******\u2665, 14k gold filled

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