Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

borg, Unimatrix Pi



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Founded by a group of Borg mathematicians, the main attraction of Unimatrix Pi is the drone Five of Six, who has been reciting pi for the past 374 Earth years without a break, and without any signs of slowing down. Various time travellers have indeed reported that Five of Six is still going strong at least 45,000 years in the future, and this ocular implant is in fact an artefact from that distant time, smuggled back to the 21st century and sold on eBay as an "upcoming fashion sensation in the Borg collective".\r\rPendant, approximately 49 x 33 x 10mm and weighing 16g.\r\rNB. NB. The glass bead was commissioned from Jenni at , who was extremely talented and obliging in producing it for me. Thanks Jenni!, borg

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