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recycled silver, Don't promise me anything .Infinity heart . twisted silver ring



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"Promises are broken, words are taken by the wind, don\u00b4t promise me anything,just get me this ring..." :D\u25b31mm twisted wire.Knot heart ring, made of reclaimed 925 silver.Made to order, please allow 2 to 3 weeks before shipping for fabrication.This ring is completely handmade, so each piece in itself is unique and may be slighting different.\u25bd \u25b3\u25bd \u25b3\u25bd \u25b3\u25bd \u25b3\u25bd \u25b3\u25bd \u25b3\u25bdThis item will be shipped from Paris via priority (non-trackable) airmail. To upgrade please select the different options at checkout., lunaticart

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