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Sea Glass Necklace - Genuine Beach Glassocean tumbled, Rare Seaglass Necklaceocean tumbled, Glass Globe Ballocean tumbled, Sterling Silverocean tumbled, Rainbow of Colors Necklaceocean tumbled, Jewellery



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THE SEA GLASS: A true sea glass lover's heirloom piece! 11 pieces of sea glass representing a rare spectrum of color are in this necklace. They are all genuine, beach combed by me from shores along the majestic Pacific Ocean. I hike and beach comb along a historical stretch of shoreline infamously named "The Graveyard of the Pacific" where hundreds of ships have gone down. The truly vintage gems have been naturally tumbling for up to 40 - 70 years. All pieces likely originate from vintage table ware and bottle glass discarded or lost into the sea decades ago.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BOXED W/GIFT CARD: Your jewelry will come on a gift card that tells the short story of sea glass and gives the name of the ocean the sea glass was beach combed from.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------MEASUREMENTS & MATERIALS: The glass ball measures 3/4" across and has a secure, non-removable, sterling silver cap top and sterling silver split ring. The total length of the pendant is approximately 1.25", and the longest pieces of sea glass tinies measure 1/4" across. The snake chain is 18" sterling silver with spring lobster clasp.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------COLORS INCLUDE: Red, Orange, Honey, Soft Pink, Cobalt Blue, Cornflower Blue, Aqua Blue, Seafoam Green, Emerald Green, Frosty White, Amber Brown.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------All of the West Coast Sea Glass jewelry pieces are made of authentic beach glass that's never altered or artificially tumbled in any way. This gives each piece history and a unique story. Our sea glass is placed into our artistic jewelry in the same ocean tumbled shape that it was beach combed in.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------More West Coast Sea Glass: http://www./shop/westcoastseaglass?ref=si_shop, ocean tumbled

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