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My Small Infinity Love Necklace in Sterling Silver & Birthstone. A symbolic necklace for your Special Loved One. My Own Infinity Heart Design...She's going to LoVe it!Made by Hand by Me in the USA, Hawaii. THIS NOTE WILL BE INCLUDED WITH YOUR NECKLACE [Choose 1]:FRIENDSHIP NOTE:This Infinity Heart Pendant Symbolizes...Our eternal Love & FriendshipWhich grows stronger and deeper everydayThru all of life's ups & downs,And twists & turnsAs we stand next to each otherHand in hand & heart to heartTogether thru this time and beyond.OrMy LoveOur Souls Eternally Entwined TogetherProviding Each Other Strength, Wisdom, Loyalty, Friendship,and above all....Eternal LoveOR MOTHER NOTE:A Mother's Love isWarm Nurturing Comforting& ForeverThank you Mom for Allthat you do for UsWe Love YouorDaughter/FamilyFor My Daughter...Your Heart is a Part of Our Family...alwaysEach Beat, Adds to the Beat of OursMy DaughterLove You Always& ForeverORDaughter/MineFor My Daughter...Your Heart is a Part of Mine...alwaysEach Beat, Adds to the Beat of MineMy DaughterLove You Always& ForeverORMy SisterYour Heart is a Part of Mine...alwaysEach Beat, Adds to the Beat of MineMy Sister Love You Always& ForeverORAs You Graduate\u2026Congratulations on Your Success!We are All so Proud of You.Your years of Dedication and Hard WorkHas Led to This Great Day.Move Forward to Your Next AdventureKnowing that You are Always LovedLove You Always\u2026To Infinity & Beyond\u2665NOTE: I will include the above Poem inside the jewelry box with your assured. (:Not find the right poem to fit your relationship? Contact me and tell me what it is. I'll show you other poems to choose from. THE NECKLACE:*Each Sterling Silver Small Infinity Heart Pendant is Handcrafted by me using Traditional Silver Smithing Techniques.*Pendant Dimension: approx. 3/4" long (top to bottom) by 5/8" wide...give or take...each will be slightly different as they are individually made by Hand by Me in Hawaii of the USA.*Birthstone of your choice [read below how to place order]*Chain - Sterling Silver with choice of 3 pearls on OR without pearls on chain...symbolic of Land, Sky, and Water or Holy Trinity. CHAIN LENGTH : Your choice of with 3 petite pearls on chain OR Noneand length of 16", 18" Regular/Popular length (seen in photo), Long 20" or Longer 22" at adjusted price.When in doubt, Measure length of your favorite necklace.Cost to replace chain with one of different length = $15 + And shipping fees\u2665Want Longer chain? Contact me for a Longer size chain up Before checking $2 an inch.THE INFINITE LOVE PENDANT:I created this Pendant to be a combination of a Heart and Infinity sign in One. Using my trusty jeweler's tools and torch....with Sterling Silver, I bend, cut, file, solder, hammer, file again, tumble, polish....All of this Goes into Creating this Unique One of a Kind Pendant.Each Pendant will Look Slightly Different from Each Other as I make it all by my Own 2 Hands. Just like the Loved Ones it Symbolizes, Each is Unique in Its Own Special Way.Suggestions for Birthstone: your mother's, yours, her pet's, someone who has passed on, your father's.**********************HOW TO PLACE YOUR ORDER: During Checkout, tell me the following in "Message to Seller":Tell me you Month or Choice of One (1) Gemstone:Either tell me for Each:1) the Birthstone --- and the number (if applicable)(example: "Amethyst #1" or just "Sapphire")or2) the Month and let me choose the perfect one for your necklace.AND3) who the Month/Birthstone representsExample:1 - December/son \u2013 4 yrs old.NOTE:I have A LOT of birthstones in different shapes, sometimes different colors that are Not shown in the photos. If you leave it up to me\u2026like Most folks do\u2026then, I\u2019ll choose the Best ones to go together for your Perfect necklace.BIRTHSTONE CHOICE: ***Pick One (1) Only*** 1)January--Garnet (choice of #1, 2, 3)2)February--Amethyst (choice of #1, 2, 3)3)March---Aquamarine (choice of #1 or 2)4)April--Quartz to represent a Diamond (choice of #1, 2, 3, 4, or 5)5)May--Emerald (choice of #1 or 2)6)June--White Fresh Water Pearl (choice of #1, 2, 3) OR Moonstone (choice of #1 or 2)7) July--Ruby (choice of #1 or 2)8) August--Peridot (choice of #1 or 2)9) September-- Pink or Blue Sapphire or Petite Petite Blue Kyanite (Not Shown)10)October-- Tourmaline (choice of #1, other Colors in Stock but not shown: Green, Lt. Gray, Rootbeer, brown Honey Mustard Yellow, Or Watermelon Pink/Green in Oval shape (very pretty) (Sorry, OUT of # 2, 3, 4)11) November-- Yellow Citrine and Pink Topaz (not shown)12) December-- Blue Topaz, Turquoise (each will be different shape), New in Stock, not shown in photos: Swiss Blue (lighter blue) or Blue CZ Topaz (cubic zirconia..pretty long faceted shape)WANT MORE BIRTHSTONES ADDED TO NECKLACE?Additional birthstone = $20/each.Just click here, Add to Cart, tell me months needed and order you want them to hang from Left to Right on necklace. Click here.. https://www./listing/150741095/add-on-one-1-birthstone-to-any-of-myFLAWS IN YOUR GEMSTONE / BIRTHSTONES:*Real Gemstones used ---size, shape, color will vary from photos.*Inclusions, tiny chips & nicks may be inside Or outside of your gem which may have been naturally occurring or during the gem carving will not affect it's durability.*I will choose the perfect ones to go on your necklace.Male or Female or Familial Relationship for Initials:*Please tell me the Gender/Age/Relationship of each stone/initial*When I'm choosing the birthstones, I can choose one that best matches in color or size...if available. Like for September, I have Blue Sapphires (male) and Pink Sapphires (Female). OR slightly larger ones for mother & father versus son and daughter.I RESERVE RIGHT TO SUBSTITUTE FOR DIFFERENT GEMSTONE / BIRTHSTONE:I may use a Different shape, size, color gemstone if no longer have the one you chose.WANT A CERTAIN SIZE OR SHAPE?Tell me if you want Petite, Small, or on the Bigger size for your Gemstone.In general, my Birthstones are Small to Petite in Size....NOT large.MAILING DIRECTLY TO YOUR LOVED ONE?During Checkout, in "Message to Stacy", Please write a Short Sentiment to your Loved One that I'll handwrite on my Small Gift Tag that will be included w/ your Gift.And, Rest assured... I do Not include an Invoice/Receipt in any of my packages.GIFT BOX:Your Jewelry will be beautifully gift boxed & include the above Note by me - ready for gift giving.Aloha from Hawaii (:\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665Please visit my shop here... Stacy's Designs 88 here.... http://www./shop/stacysdesigns88See my Other Infinity Jewelry here... http://www./shop/stacysdesigns88/search?search_query=infinity&order=date_desc&view_type=gallery&ref=shop_searchMore Symbolic Jewelry here.... http://www./shop/stacysdesigns88?section_id=10562580&ga_search_query=infinity**************Want the Best Polishing Cloth to keep all your Sterling Silver jewelry shiny and silver and your Gold shiny again? Here it is.. http://www./listing/79811196/polishing-jewelry-cloth-5-x-75-inches*****************************Please Visit my other 2 Etsy Shops:1) Blue Lovebirds with more Bridal and Special Occasion Jewelry here... http://www./shop/bluelovebirds2) Lilikoi Cottage with Vintage Items for your Home here... http://www./shop/lilikoicottage.**"Like" my Facebook Fanpage: ...\u00a9 Stacy's Designs 88 2013. All written material, photos and jewelry designs are the intellectual property of Stacy's Designs88. All Rights Reserved., husband wife

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