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Hand Necklacehand necklace, Mixed Metal Hamsa Necklacehand necklace, Unisex Rustic Metalsmith Sterling Silver And Copper Jewelryhand necklace, Hand Of Fatima



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Rustic and ancient looking, with richly textured and oxidized copper, beautifully contrasting sterling silver embellishments combine to create this unique Hamsa pendant of ancient origins. Crafted from heavy copper stock, which was given an almost sandblasted surface texture to which sterling silver embellishments were added. Handcrafted sterling silver findings finish the 18" sterling silver chain. Handcrafted metalsmith jewelry made in the Mocahete studio. We take great care in creating our pieces from top quality materials and traditional metalsmithing workmanship to create pieces that can be passed down from generation to generation. An ancient symbol from the Middle East predating Abrahamic traditions, the Hamsa or Khamsa, Hand of Fatima or Hand of Miriam, amongst other names, is closely associated with ancient Jewish and Islamic symbology and traditional used as a tool for protection against evil. This is a nice weighty piece and one to treasure for many generations. Suspended from a very sturdy 18" sterling chain with our handmade hook and findings. 2" tall1 and 3/8" wide18" sterling silver chainTo return to this shop:http://www./shop/mocahete, hand necklace

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