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white, Fossilized Druzy Shells Ethiopian Opals Statement Necklace - Zara Necklace



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Fossilized Druzy Shells Ethiopian Opals Statement Necklace - Zara Necklace.Originally $1,990 - Reduced $1,490Although today, we think of the Sahara Desert as a desolate and dry place - millions of years ago it was covered in water and was the bottom of an ocean. The remnants of this fact are found in areas of the desert that are covered in little shells, ammonites and fossils. Leaving the dangerous task of collecting these shells to someone else - I was awestruck when I found a gem supplier that had a vast selection of fossilized druzy shells from a private collection - all found in the dusty and dry sea bed that we now call the Sahara Desert. Minerals deposited in the remnants of shells have naturally created these one-of-a-kind geologic wonders - which continue to be a curiosity - even today.Five \u201csugar-filled\u201d natural druzy seashells have been combined with fiery and flashy Ethiopian Opals to create this unique collector\u2019s necklace. Although the insides of the shells glisten and sparkle with the minerals that created this druzy phenomena - the back-sides that lay against the collarbone are silky smooth, as if they were polished by the ocean. Unique little \u201cquilled\u201d gold vermeil spacers add a touch of interest to the simple, yet elegant graduated opal necklace. The necklace is adjustable from 19 inches to 21 inches long and ends with a tiny opal amulet.19\u201d to 21\u201d long., seashell jewelry

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