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enamel, Rainbow Charm Bracelet OOAK Colorful Bright Gift Idea for Her Colourful One of a Kind Repurposed Upcycled Assemblage



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~Hello lampwork there!~ This o lampworko lampworkak eclectic Rainbo lampworkw charm bracelet begins with a sturdy vintage 8" silver to lampworkne curb link. The centerpiece is 1 1/2" wide: a vintage etched enamel rainbo lampworkw repurpo lampworksed jewelry piece. This bracelet is just lo lampworkaded with my favo lampworkrite eclectic blend o lampworkf vintage and new...There are vintage purple cabo lampworkcho lampworkns, a new lampwo lampworkrk eggplant, handmade bubble charms, lapis, vintage mo lampworko lampworknglo lampworkw lucite in many shades, new clo lampworkiso lampworknne fro lampworkg, vintage glass pro lampworkfile, vintage lucite dro lampworkps, vintage enamel flo lampworkwer charm, a heavy vintage enamel rainbo lampworkw turned o lampworkn it's end, new clo lampworkiso lampworknne butterfly and mo lampworkre. Purple, green, yello lampworkw, o lampworkrange, red and so lampwork o lampworkn. Well, ho lampworkpefully the pictures will answer all o lampworkf yo lampworkur questio lampworkns, but feel free to lampwork co lampworknvo lampwork/co lampworkntact me with any questio lampworkns o lampworkr co lampworkmments abo lampworkut this o lampworkr any o lampworkf my o lampworkfferings. Yo lampworku wo lampworkn't find this bracelet anywhere else. It'll arrive gift bo lampworkxed.~~Thanks fo lampworkr sto lampworkpping by!~~Have a fantastic day!~~

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