Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

ABALONEstatement earrings, PEARLstatement earrings, Mother of Pearlstatement earrings, Crystalstatement earrings, Gold EARRINGS



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Go ear wirergeo ear wireus, lo ear wireng pearlescent red abalo ear wirene with genuine Freshwater pearls, antique go ear wireld pewter, Mo ear wirether o ear wiref Pearl and Crystals.Earrings are 3 1/4 inches lo ear wireng fro ear wirem to ear wirep o ear wiref ear wire. (8.25 cm)Ear wires are custo ear wirem made go ear wireld filled.* Go ear wireld fill is a thick layer o ear wiref real go ear wireld bo ear wirended o ear wirento ear wire a base metal. The quality is significantly higher than go ear wireld plate. With go ear wireo ear wired care it will no ear wiret chip o ear wirer tarnish.

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