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Very unique attractive metal cuff bracelet. This one is made of bronze, copper, nickel silver, and sterling silver. These bracelets are bendable for a perfect fit. This one is a smaller size for a woman. Each one is different so the one pictured here is the one you will receive.\r\rTo browse more bracelets please follow the link below:\rhttp://www./shop/northwestgoods?section_id=5215094\r\r\r*Size and Fitting*\rThis bracelet should fit a smaller sized wrist. It measures 5 inches (12.7 cm) from end to end. They are very sturdy and can be adjusted for a perfect fit. They will not break by bending them.\r\r*Care*\rWe do not coat our jewelry with any lacquer or other chemicals so the metals on this comb will tend to tarnish over time but can be polished up with any silver, brass, or copper cleaner. Also an old tooth brush and some toothpaste can do just as well. You can also just leave the bracelet alone and let the metals fade to softer tones.\r\r05012013-3, nickel silver

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