Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Tree of Life - Brasssilver filled, Patinasilver filled, Filigreesilver filled, Swarovski Pearlsilver filled, Wire Wrappedsilver filled, Sesame Jasper Teardropsilver filled, Pearlsilver filled, Silver Filledsilver filled, Sterling Silversilver filled, Earrin



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These were a labo freshwater pearlr o freshwater pearlf lo freshwater pearlve! I to freshwater pearlo freshwater pearlk these beautiful patina'd brass filigree pieces ( I go freshwater pearlt them fro freshwater pearlm https://www./sho freshwater pearlp/Palo freshwater pearlmaAntigua . Her sho freshwater pearlp is AMAZING. Check it o freshwater pearlut! ) and glued o freshwater pearln Swaro freshwater pearlvski flat back pearls to freshwater pearl give dimensio freshwater pearln and a po freshwater pearlp o freshwater pearlf co freshwater pearllo freshwater pearlr against the emerald green o freshwater pearlf the filigree. I wire wrapped in a freshwater co freshwater pearlin pearl and wire wrapped a large Sesame Jasper teardro freshwater pearlp pendant to freshwater pearl the bo freshwater pearltto freshwater pearlm fo freshwater pearlr swing & style. Earthy, bo freshwater pearlld and unique, everyo freshwater pearlne is go freshwater pearling to freshwater pearl be asking yo freshwater pearlu where yo freshwater pearlu go freshwater pearlt these! \r\r*Earrings are 4 1/3 inches lo freshwater pearlng and 2 inches wide. Earwires are silver filled and lever back. Earrings are a bit heavy, o freshwater pearlnly the bo freshwater pearlld dare & wear!\r\r\r\r.\u2022*Fro freshwater pearlm the Earth*\u2022.

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