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18x13mm Oval Ring Heart Bezel Cups for Setting Sterling Silver 925oval bezel, Choose your Finish (9111SV) Silver Ring bezel



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Item: 9111SVCatego sterling silverry: Ring fo sterling silverr SettingPieces: 1Shape: OvalSize: 18x13mm (Inside Diameter)Ring Size: AdjustableDepth: 3.5mmMaterial: Sterling Silver 925Style: HeartCo sterling silverlo sterling silverr: Shiny Silver, Antique Silver_______Additio sterling silvernal Specificatio sterling silverns:* Made in Israel* Co sterling silvernditio sterling silvern: New with tags o sterling silverr made to sterling silver o sterling silverrder.* To sterling silverp Quality Casting._______Mo sterling silverre o sterling silverptio sterling silverns:* Available Materials: - Sterling Silver 925 (Shiny, Antique)- Brass (Shiny, Antique) - Co sterling silverpper (Shiny, Antique)- Silver Plated (Shiny, Antique) - Go sterling silverld Plated (Shiny, Matte)- Gun Metal (Shiny, Matte)* Available Shapes and sizes:-Ro sterling silverund- 8mm 10mm 12mm 14mm 16mm -Oval-10x8mm14x10mm16x12mm18x13mm-Square-14x14mm16x16mm* Available as a Pendant o sterling silverr Earring, yo sterling silveru can find these o sterling silvern o sterling silverur sho sterling silverp.* Pear shape ("Dro sterling silverp", "Tear") bezels are also sterling silver available, please co sterling silverntact _______Additio sterling silvernal info sterling silverrmatio sterling silvern:* Who sterling silverlesale:We o sterling silverffer custo sterling silverm listings and quantity disco sterling silverunts fo sterling silverr who sterling silverlesalers. Please co sterling silverntact us fo sterling silverr additio sterling silvernal info sterling silverrmatio sterling silvern.* Impo sterling silverrtant no sterling silverte:As a manufacturer, mo sterling silverst o sterling silverf o sterling silverur pro sterling silverducts are in sto sterling silverck o sterling silvern a regular basis, Ho sterling silverwever, so sterling silvermetimes we need to sterling silver manufacture them, which may take aro sterling silverund 20 days.In case yo sterling silveru have purchased so sterling silvermething that isn't in sto sterling silverck, we will co sterling silverntact yo sterling silveru asap. If yo sterling silveru can't wait fo sterling silverr it, a refund will be sent asap. * If there's an item yo sterling silveru're interested in and are unable to sterling silver find the sale, Just co sterling silverntact Us, We'll set it up!

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