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Chalfonte is a simple Art Deco Rogers International silverware pattern from 1926. The Chalfonte pattern is most likely named after the Chalfonte hotel in New Jersey. Built in 1876, it's simple rooms still have no TV's or phones. Of course, it was renovated in 2009 and now has central air and wireless service, but what a long time to hold out!This knife bell made from real vintage silverware is 1 inche tall and .42 inches thick. The finding for the bail is wrapped around itself inside and outside the bell with solid sterling wire so that it's super sturdy. The clapper for the bell is the end of a fork tine suspended from chain. I have smooth finished the edges at the bottom of the bell with a very tiny grinding wheel to insure that there are no sharp edges and that this piece is a good representation of quality workmanship. Comes with a 20 inch chain necklace.To see more silverware bell pendants as well as hundreds of silverware rings and bracelets please come to my etsy shop: Http://www.dankartistry., silver bells

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