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Woodland jewelry. Bear necklace\rThis sterling silver bear pendant is inspired by vintage Russian ornaments. It is a bear with a cub from the ornament for a Russian carved wooden box.\r\rThis pendant tells a story... I placed the bears in my own imaginary forest. This forest is in Canada... Definitely, Canada :) The green heart of BC Jade (nephrite jade mined in British Columbia) indicates that :) This is also a night forest. Tiny black star diopside gemstone shows that. I could not catch the star on the stone, but it is there (if you get the pendant you will easily see it)\r\rThe pendant is slightly concaved. \r\rThe size of the pendant is 4,5cm * 4cm (1 3/4" * 1 1/2"). Pendant comes with sterling silver chain\rThe length of the chain is 18", but let me know if you need a chain at all. The price can be adjusted., woodland pendant

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