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mens wedding ring, Black Stripe Ring - Size 7 - Oxidized - Sterling Silver - Mens - Unisex - Rugged - Black and Silver - Modern Design - Manly - Statement Ring



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\u2022 Polished and rustic.\u2022 This sterling silver ring was cast from an original wax carving then hand finished by me in the studio.\u2022 The band is just shy of 1/2" inch wide and 2mm thick with soft rounded edges.\u2022 In the last photo is an example of oxidized rings after a week of steady wear.\u2022 Production time for this guy is 5-7 business days.\u2022 The ring shown here is a size 7.If you'd like a different size just convo me for a quote and note production time for a new ring is 2-3 weeks.How black oxidization wears down:So the only thing to slow the process down is to take it off when hand washing and showering, and storing in an air tight container when not wearing. The container will keep it darker. It also works to keep shiny metal from tarnishing but don't put the oxidized in a container with the polished because then you'll be oxidizing your shiny metals.There's also this chemical darkener for sterling silver from Jax that is a silver blackener. It's available from amazon and you only need a tiny bit. You dip it in then rinse with water. But you shouldn't do it too frequently since it will eat away at the metal over time.Sometimes lotions and sprays will clean off the oxidization too, anything that cleans is working to make the metal shiny again.Thanks so much,Andy, black stripe ring

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