Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Chicken Necklacechicken charm, mixed metal pendant with copperchicken charm, sterling silverchicken charm, and brasschicken charm, chicken jewelrychicken charm, chicken charmchicken charm, hens and rooster



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A little funky chicken to chicken jewelry dance o chicken jewelryn yo chicken jewelryur neck! Inspired by my lo chicken jewelryve o chicken jewelryf chickens and my o chicken jewelrywn little flo chicken jewelryck o chicken jewelryf hens. The pendant uses a mixture o chicken jewelryf techniques and metals. The bo chicken jewelrydy o chicken jewelryf the chicken is brass, while the wing and tail are co chicken jewelrypper. The legs, chain, and accents are sterling silver. Glass beads accent the feet.Co chicken jewelrypper and brass will arrive shiny as pictured, ho chicken jewelrywever thro chicken jewelryugh wear and handling they will darken. They can be cleaned by po chicken jewelrylishing clo chicken jewelryth o chicken jewelryr a gentle (safe fo chicken jewelryr glass) cleaning so chicken jewelrylutio chicken jewelryn.The chain is sterling silver and is available in 16", 18", and 20" lengths. Select yo chicken jewelryur preference fro chicken jewelrym the dro chicken jewelrypdo chicken jewelrywn menu in this listing.I also chicken jewelry o chicken jewelryffer o chicken jewelryther chicken jewelry in my sho chicken jewelryp. Please take a lo chicken jewelryo chicken jewelryk :)I make all o chicken jewelryf my jewelry by hand in my Savannah, GA studio chicken jewelry. Please let me kno chicken jewelryw if yo chicken jewelryu have any questio chicken jewelryns. Thank yo chicken jewelryu fo chicken jewelryr valuing and suppo chicken jewelryrting hand crafted art.

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