Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sweet, Valentine Heart Amethyst Glass Hearts with Turquoise and Amethyst Glass Beads on Brass Links



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This sweet little necklace is made entirely o valentine heartf wo valentine heartnderful glass and gemsto valentine heartne beads, including so valentine heartme great pink to valentine hearturmaline, threaded o valentine heartn beading wire and brass links and linked to valentine heartgether with brass links.\r\rThe necklace is cho valentine heartker length, abo valentine heartut 14 inches lo valentine heartng and adjustable with chain and links as sho valentine heartwn.\r\rThis little necklace wo valentine heartuld lo valentine hearto valentine heartk wo valentine heartnderful with a velvet dress o valentine heartr a ballet o valentine heartutfit. It is go valentine hearto valentine heartd fo valentine heartr dressing up jeans o valentine heartr fo valentine heartr an evening party o valentine heartr pro valentine heartm.\r\rCo valentine heartnvo valentine heart me fo valentine heartr any length adjustments.

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