Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

canadian, Bear necklace. Bear and its cub necklace. Made by a Canadian jewellery designer



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This bear necklace is made of sterling silver and copper. My ornament is inspired by the vintage Russian ornaments. This pendant tells a story... It is a bear with a cub from the ornament of a Russian carved wooden box. I placed these bears in my own imaginary forest. This is one of a kind unique pendant. The original piece was hand pierced and soldered. I can cast them now, but still keep all my pieces unique, so none of them looks the same. This is a picture of the exact piece that you will receive when you order it. The size of the pendant is 5cm * 5cm (2" * 2"). Pendant comes with a leather cord.The length of the cord is 18", but let me know if you need another length., woodland animals

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