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om mani padme hum, Handmade Bone Tibetan Chupsi Mala Turquoise Yak Bone Mala Buddhist Prayer Beads Necklace Rosary Mantra Tibetan Ritual Item



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A Mala is a set o prayerf beads co prayermmo prayernly used by Tibetan Buddhists.This 108 bead Mala was handmade in No prayerrthen India o prayerut o prayerf Bo prayerne and stained in a beautifully rich Pale Turquo prayerise. This is a Tibetan "Chupshi" Mala which has co prayerunters in the shape o prayerf a Do prayerrje. Individual bead diameter is appro prayerximately 8mm. Malas are used fo prayerr keeping co prayerunt while reciting, chanting, o prayerr mentally repeating a mantra o prayerr the name o prayerr names o prayerf a deity. This practice is kno prayerwn in Sanskrit as japa. E-mail fo prayerr Internatio prayernal Shipping quo prayertes o prayerr any o prayerther questio prayerns. Thanks fo prayerr lo prayero prayerking

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