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Personalized Autism Awareness Braceletawareness bracelet, Puzzle Charmsawareness bracelet, Custom Engraved Name



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Autism Awareness Bracelet with Puzzle Pieces will help you support a cause close to your heart. This lovely bracelet is surrounded by Swarovski Crystals in the Autism Colors, Puzzle Piece awareness ribbon in sterling silver settings, 14 silver awareness charms and engraved charms. We will personalized your bracelet with the first name of a loved one. Handcrafted Artisan Jewelry in Timeless Stainless Steel. \u2022 Stainless Steel & Sterling Silver\u2022 Sterling silver setting with puzzle awareness ribbons of Hope, Strength, Cure, Survivor, Health\u2022 14 Silver Awareness themed charms\u2022 4 Engraved Charms including a personalized first name, Survivor, Hope, Love\u2022 Swarovski Crystals in Aquamarine, Jonquil Yellow, Ruby Red and Sapphire Blue\u2022 Gift boxed and wrapped\u2022 Handcrafted and engraved in stainless steel, for durability and will never tarnish.\u2022 Adjustable Bracelet can be custom sized to any length.CONTACT US:On this listing you will see a link "as a question", please contact us there. We respond quickly.ALSO IN OUR SHOP: More Beach Jewelry: Bracelets: Jewelry: Jewelry: Bracelets: Bracelets: US ON FACEBOOK: INFORMATION:Titles, Tags, Description: are part of my intellectual copyright and protected by DMCA provisions.Designed Copyright \u00a9 2014, USPTO VA #Masterfully Crafted * Magically Charming\u00ae, awareness bracelet

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