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\u2022 Textured from nature.\u2022 This bronze mushroom measures 10mm or 3/8" across and was cast from a hand forged mushroom. \u2022 It is soldered to a 3mm hammered oxidized sterling silver band that is custom made to order. \u2022 Please allow 3-5 days for production and this doesn't include shipping times.\u2022 In the fifth photo is an example of oxidized rings after a week of steady wear.How black oxidization wears down:So the only thing to slow the process down is to take it off when hand washing and showering, and storing in an air tight container when not wearing. The container will keep it darker. It also works to keep shiny metal from tarnishing but don't put the oxidized in a container with the polished because then you'll be oxidizing your shiny metals.There's also this chemical darkener for sterling silver from Jax that is a silver blackener. It's available from amazon and you only need a tiny bit. You dip it in then rinse with water. But you shouldn't do it too frequently since it will eat away at the metal over time. For the bronze you can buff gently with a polishing cloth to keep it shiny or let it tarnish naturally on it's own.Sometimes lotions and sprays will clean off the oxidization too, anything that cleans is working to make the metal shiny again.Thanks so much,Andy, woodsy ring

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