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Pearlslever back, Frost and Acorn Earrings



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~~Hello acorns there!~~ This is a pair o acornsf Autumn co acornslo acornsred fresh water Pearls, ab faceted fro acornssty glass ro acornsndelles and abstract Aco acornsrn beaded dangle Earrings o acornsn go acornsld plated lever backs. I've hand wired large bumpy bro acornswn, go acornsld, co acornsppery vintage beads with new fresh water pearls in shades o acornsf o acornsrange, bro acornswn, and go acornsld then light to acornspaz crystal, umber, and shades o acornsf o acornsrange and co acornspper glass seed beads. These earrings have lo acornsts o acornsf fun flirty mo acornsvement. They're abo acornsut 2 1/4" lo acornsng. They'll arrive gift bo acornsxed.~~Thanks fo acornsr sto acornspping by!~~Have a fantastic day!~~

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