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**\u2665**PLEASE leave a cell # in the personalization box so we can text if we have questions. Thanks!**\u2665**\u2665\u2665\u2665 THIS IS A SET OF 2 BRACELETS.\u2665\u2665\u2665Custom leather cuffs are here--now in a set of 2! These pieces consist of a small brass tag reading 'i love you more' and 'impossible' respectively and then riveted to brown 1/2 inch leather cuffs. Cuff has two snaps with 2 closures; one closes at 7" and one at 8". I cannot size them so please measure your wrists before purchasing. You can customize this piece with your own wording. The tag can hold about 15 characters including spaces/symbols. Great gift for men and women! If you need a cuff larger than 8", please consider our adjustable cuff here: https://www./listing/178632618/keep-moving-adjustable-leather-cuff**IMPORTANT**When you order, I need to know:1. Cuff color choice. Use drop down.2. Metal tag color choice: copper (pictured), brass, or aluminum.2. Choice of wording and font. No note needed if you want the quote pictured, otherwise, please leave your quote in the blank white box in your cart. Please limit your 15 characters, and understand that different fonts/symbols take up space in different ways. I will advise you if you're choices won't fit.*If you need to make different metal/color selections for the 2 cuffs, just specify in notes to seller, otherwise both cuffs will be the way you've requested in the drop down.**UNDERSTANDING OUR PROCESS**This piece is created by hand using a hammer and metal letter and symbol stamps. Metal stamping is a quirky process - letters and symbols will never be completely straight or centered, darkening may be a bit uneven due to varying stamp depth, and stray marks may occur. These are not defects in your piece; they are what makes it unique and one of a kind. :)Just need one?https://www./listing/126373413/god-gave-me-you-leather-cuff-bracelet-12Need more than 15 characters? See this piece:https://www./listing/127700030/personalized-mommy-bracelet-leather-cuffOr consider a 1" cuff:https://www./listing/126990896/i-refuse-to-sink-leather-cuff-bracelet-1Please check my shop announcement for production times: http://www./shop/riskybeadsBracelet section is here:http://www./shop/riskybeads?section_id=5158570See my men's section here:http://www./shop/riskybeads?section_id=7052083RETURN TO MY MAIN SHOP HERE:http://www./shop/riskybeads\u00a8\u00a8\u00a8\u00a8\u00b0\u00ba\u00a9\u00a9\u00ba\u00b0\u00a8\u00a8\u00a8\u00a8\u00a8\u00a8\u00b0\u00ba\u00a9\u00a9\u00ba\u00b0\u00a8\u00a8\u00a8\u00a8\u00a8\u00a8\u00b0\u00ba\u00a9\u00a9\u00ba\u00b0\u00a8\u00a8\u00a8\u00a8\u00a8\u00a8\u00b0\u00b0\u00ba\u00a9\u00a9\u00ba\u00b0\u00a8\u00a8\u00a8\u00a8\u00a8\u00a8\u00b0\u00ba\u00a9\u00a9\u00ba\u00b0\u00a8\u00a8\u00a8\u00a8\u00a8\u00a8Please read my shop policies here:http://www./shop/riskybeads/policy\u00a8\u00a8\u00a8\u00a8\u00b0\u00ba\u00a9\u00a9\u00ba\u00b0\u00a8\u00a8\u00a8\u00a8\u00a8\u00a8\u00b0\u00ba\u00a9\u00a9\u00ba\u00b0\u00a8\u00a8\u00a8\u00a8\u00a8\u00a8\u00b0\u00ba\u00a9\u00a9\u00ba\u00b0\u00a8\u00a8\u00a8\u00a8\u00a8\u00a8\u00b0\u00b0\u00ba\u00a9\u00a9\u00ba\u00b0\u00a8\u00a8\u00a8\u00a8\u00a8\u00a8\u00b0\u00ba\u00a9\u00a9\u00ba\u00b0\u00a8\u00a8\u00a8\u00a8\u00a8\u00a8New to Etsy? Need help checking out? Please see this link:http://help./app/answers/detail/a_id/245/All items come in a Risky Beads' gift bag!copyright Risky Beads\u25d8 \u25cb \u25d8 \u25cb \u25d8 \u25cb \u25d8 \u25cb \u25d8 \u25cb \u25d8 \u25cb \u25d8 \u25cb \u25d8 \u25cb \u25d8 \u25cb \u25d8 \u25cb \u25d8 \u25cb \u25d8 \u25cb \u25d8 \u25cb \u25d8 \u25cb \u25d8 \u25cb \u25d8 \u25cb \u25d8 PLEASE NOTE: We use up-close macro photography to capture detail for all of our listings. As a result, pieces may appear larger than they actually are. Please read the actual dimensions of each piece in the item description and view all photos for scale. Thank you.\u25d8 \u25cb \u25d8 \u25cb \u25d8 \u25cb \u25d8 \u25cb \u25d8 \u25cb \u25d8 \u25cb \u25d8 \u25cb \u25d8 \u25cb \u25d8 \u25cb \u25d8 \u25cb \u25d8 \u25cb \u25d8 \u25cb \u25d8 \u25cb \u25d8 \u25cb \u25d8 \u25cb \u25d8 \u25cb \u25d8, i love you more

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