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ribbon shoe lace, Satin Ribbon Shoe Laces - Choose Your Color - Kids / Toddler Shoe Length Shoelaces - 30 Inches - Blue Green Yellow Red



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Why wear your super awesome shoes with boooooring old laces when you could have fabulous, big, begging for a giant bow ribbon laces?Stand out with these gloriously shiny, silky laces!Available colors:Carbon BlackSnow WhiteChocolate BrownFuchsia PinkLavenderOrchid PurpleRoyal PurpleCerulean BlueCobalt BlueNavy BlueAquamarineMint GreenTurquoiseLime GreenKelly GreenForest GreenSunshine YellowOrangeRose PinkSilver GreyAntique GoldBright GoldMeasuring 5/8 an inch wide and 30" long, these fit in small kids, toddlers, or adult size shoes with 4 or less lace holes.Each lace is cut on a diagonal angle like ribbon traditionally is and heat sealed to prevent against fraying. They look wonderfully girly when in a bow!Interested in a custom color, size, or print? Just ask! I love hunting ribbon!Need a ton of laces? Get a bulk discount with this 5 pack! https://www./listing/200381072/satin-ribbon-shoelaces-5-pack-bulk-lotEach listing is for a pair of laces. So yes, you'll get two, one for each shoe, with each listing you purchase. :D --A quick note regarding the lace ends: I no longer wrap the ends in plastic aglets like traditional shoe laces. I played around with the design endlessly, and wound up deciding I completely hate the tube ends. While they're slightly (seriously, *slightly*) easier to thread thru the lace holes in shoes, once laced they make the ends so heavy they tug down on all the ribbon making the bow ugly, not to mention the bows come undone super easy due to the weight and silkiness of the ribbon, making it necessary to double knot the bow, causing the ribbon to prematurely age and crinkle. UCK. Each end is heat sealed to prevent unraveling, so don't worry about that, and cut at a diagonal angle to create a super adorbs feminine bow when tied, just like they're supposed to be. YAY! Just a quick FYI! The open ends still thread thru lace holes exactly the same as tubed ends, and let's be honest. How many times do you really wind up threading your laces thru your shoes vs. actually wearing your shoes. Wouldn't you want them to look as cute as possible? :D, long boot laces

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