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Great gift fo earrings charmsr dance enthusiasts.\rMade o earrings charmsf no earrings charmsn tarnish aluminum wire with surgical steel ho earrings charmso earrings charmsks. Abo earrings charmsut o earrings charmsne inch lo earrings charmsng belo earrings charmsw ho earrings charmso earrings charmsks.I have been making custo earrings charmsm wire art and jewelry fo earrings charmsr 30 years. I started in 1989 selling jewelry o earrings charmsn the streets o earrings charmsf Mo earrings charmsntreal. Over the years I have participated in many craft sho earrings charmsws, exhibitio earrings charmsns and so earrings charmsld my wo earrings charmsrk in gallery sho earrings charmsps acro earrings charmsss Canada including the Natio earrings charmsnal Gallery o earrings charmsf Canada. My husband and I specialize in custo earrings charmsm wedding cake to earrings charmsppers featuring his wire bicycles and peo earrings charmsple that can be transfo earrings charmsrmed into earrings charms any spo earrings charmsrts figures and musicians. I am inspired by special requests by clients and wo earrings charmsuld be happy to earrings charms create so earrings charmsmething special based o earrings charmsn yo earrings charmsur sketches, pho earrings charmsto earrings charmss and ideas.***PLEASE NOTE ALL ITEMS IN MY ETSY SHOP ARE COPYRIGHT PROTECTED AND MAY NOT BE REPRODUCED WITHOUT PERMISSION.

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