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septum piercing, Classic Love Fake Faux Septum Nose Ring (Clip on) Brass NB 8



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This simple classic design has been a best seller.Wire Size: Approx 1mm ( 18 Gauge )If you like the look of a septum piercing, but can't commit to actually piercing due to work, family, allergies, upkeep or the actual pain of piercing ones nose this is a purrrfect solution. It's also great if you've been considering this look, but are unsure if you'll like it. This is a great low cost way of trying the style out. I have bad allergies myself and commitment issues of actually piercing my septum so these beauties are designed so that anyone can slip it on and off with ease. Made of nickel free brass.See other Brass Faux Septum Designs Here: https://www./shop/TribalGoddessLove?ref=seller-platform-mcnav§ion_id=13887471, septum ring

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