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chain mail, Sterling Silver and 14k Gold Euro 4in1 Chainmaille Bracelet



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Sterling Silver and 14k Gold Euro 4in1 Chainmaille Bracelet.\r\rThis is a chainmaille bracelet woven in the Euro 4in1 chainmaille weave. This weave produces a smooth flat chain which sits very comfortably on the wrist. Euro 4in1 is the weave that is used for making chainmaille armour. In the case of the bracelet, the weave has been made using a combination of sterling silver and 14k gold fill rings, with the gold rings forming the central line.\r\rThe bracelet is fastened with a sterling silver toggle clasp. Made with handmade rings the bracelet has been polished to a high finish.\r\rThe bracelet can be adjusted to various lengths - please see available options.\r\rChainmaille is a medieval technique originally used for creating armour. There are now many variations, weaves, that are now used for creating jewellery., chainmaille

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