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Celtic trinity knot ring - sterling silverknot ring, gold filledknot ring, bronze - made to order



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This ring features one of my most favorite celtic knot designs--a triangular design that I create from 3 interlocking oval-shaped rings. The result is a 3 dimensional (it has some depth) variation of a classic celtic knot design. I like to think of it as my chainmailler's version of the triangular celtic knot, since its construction uses a basic chainmaille technique.**** MADE TO ORDER ****This ring is made just for you, when you order it. Choose your metal and ring size.--------------------------------QUICK DETAILS:Knot dimensions: approximately 0.5 inches in diameter.Band thickness: 16 gauge wire, approximately 1.3mm thick.------------------------------I make this ring in several different metals: sterling, bronze, and gold-filled., celtic jewelry

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