Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

little girl bracelet, Personalized Princess Charm Bracelet-Fairy Angel-Girls/Kids/Little Girls/Little Kids-Valentine/Birthday/Christmas-w/ An Elegant Gift Box



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Please see mo kids braceletre cho kids braceletices in my sho kids braceletp. Thanks!http://www./sho kids braceletp/SweetRubyJewelry?ref=search_sho kids braceletp_redirectPlease message me o kids braceletr leave a no kids bracelette when yo kids braceletu o kids braceletrder:1. Length o kids braceletf bracelet o kids braceletr girl's age and size ( small, medium, o kids braceletr large at her age)2. When do kids bracelet yo kids braceletu need?The bracelet in the picture: glass pearls: purple + pinksilver letter beadssilver plated findingsPurple Princess charmelastic co kids braceletrd with a clasp5.5 incheswith an elegant gift bo kids braceletxYo kids braceletu can cho kids braceleto kids braceletse any beads co kids braceletlo kids braceletrs and charms in my sho kids braceletp and I can do kids bracelet any co kids braceletmbinatio kids braceletns fo kids braceletr yo kids braceletu. Materials may have a little bit change with different styles o kids braceletr co kids braceletlo kids braceletrs.Beads co kids braceletlo kids braceletrs:light pinkpinkbright pinkho kids bracelett pinkbright geranium pinkraspberry pinkfuchsiamagentalight purplepurplelavenderdark o kids braceletrchidlight bluebluedark bluenavy bluetiffany blueturquo kids braceletiseaquamarine blueaquamarine greenlight greengreenbright greendark greensage greenmint greenlime greentealyello kids braceletwo kids braceletrangego kids braceletldlight bro kids braceletwndark bro kids braceletwndark co kids braceletffeeburgundyredco kids braceletral redmaro kids braceleto kids braceletnwhiteivo kids braceletrysilvergreyblackSize guide (just fo kids braceletr yo kids braceletur reference) :NEWBORN to kids bracelet 6 MONTHS ----- 4"6 to kids bracelet 12 MONTHS ----- 4 - 4.5"12 to kids bracelet 24 MONTHS ----- 4.5 - 5"2 to kids bracelet 5 YEARS ----- 5 - 5.5"6 to kids bracelet 8 YEARS ----- 5.5 - 6"9 to kids bracelet 11 YEARS ----- 6 - 6.5"12 to kids bracelet 13 YEARS ----- 6.5 - 7"teen & adult small ----- 7"teen & adult medium ----- 7.5"teen & adult large ----- 8"PayAlso kids bracelet accept paypalShippingUSPS first class mail 2-5 daysUSPS first class internatio kids braceletnal 1-3 weeksReturn po kids braceletlicyReturn accepted in 14 days o kids braceletf delivery and items must be in o kids braceletriginal co kids braceletnditio kids braceletn.Return resto kids braceletcking fee: 50% o kids braceletf the bracelet price because they are perso kids braceletnalized and need disassembled.Shipping fee canno kids bracelett be refund.Buyers pay return shipping fee.Children under 13 years o kids braceletld sho kids braceletuld be supervised when wearing this jewelry.* Sweet Ruby, Sweet Bracelet *

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