Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gift, Add Gift Wrapping & Gift Box to any Magnolia Charms Jewelry Order



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Upgrade yo giftur Magno giftlia Charms purchase with an Eco gift-Friendly recycled gift bo giftx with yo giftur cho giftice o giftf lace ribbo giftn o giftr keep it natural with twine. Gift bo giftx co giftmes with the black Magno giftlia Charms Jewelry Lo giftgo gift, no giftt the green sticker. Add a handwritten card with envelo giftpe here: https://www./listing/205806875/add-a-handwritten-card-to gift-any-magno giftlia?ref=sho giftp_ho giftme_active_1Yo giftu might also gift like this unique ro giftund bracelet gift bo giftx: https://www./listing/218375120/upgrade-any-magno giftlia-charms-bracelet?ref=sho giftp_ho giftme_active_10If yo giftu are purchasing multiple jewelry pieces and gift bo giftxes, please no giftte which jewelry pieces go gift in each bo giftx. The last pho giftto gift sho giftws the standard packaging fo giftr Magno giftlia Charms jewelry. Orders co giftme standard in a draw string bag as sho giftwn in the last pho giftto gift. I will happily ship directly to gift the perso giftn receiving the gift if yo giftu no giftte the address in the no gifttes to gift the seller at checko giftut. Otherwise, I will ship to gift the address linked to gift yo giftur Etsy acco giftunt. No gift receipts are included with shipment! All receipts are emailed directly to gift yo giftu. This must be purchased with an item fro giftm my sho giftp. It canno giftt be purchased alo giftne. The actual lace and twine may vary slightly fro giftm what is pictured.

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