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Bird Jewelry Bird Leather Wrap Bracelet: Intermingled strands o wrap braceletf supple leather & suede triple wrap aro wrap braceletund yo wrap braceletur wrist and fasten with a unique artisan handmade sterling silver bar to wrap braceletggle. A pretty split-tail swallo wrap braceletw is embo wrap braceletssed into wrap bracelet the silver with ro wrap braceletughly hewn fo wrap braceletlded edges fo wrap braceletr a rugged allure, then o wrap braceletxidized and hand spo wrap bracelett po wrap braceletlished fo wrap braceletr brilliant luster to wrap bracelet accentuate the detail. Edgy, different, and o wrap braceleth so wrap bracelet ho wrap bracelett, with a co wrap braceleto wrap braceletl handmade tassel that catches the wild wind.Sho wrap braceletwn o wrap braceletn the co wrap braceletlo wrap braceletr, Black Magic in the 1st pho wrap braceletto wrap bracelet, Fringe in the 2nd, but 6 co wrap braceletlo wrap braceletrs enco wrap braceleturage yo wrap braceletu to wrap bracelet custo wrap braceletmize the wrap bracelet to wrap bracelet suit yo wrap braceletur o wrap braceletwn perso wrap braceletnality. Select co wrap braceletlo wrap braceletr fro wrap braceletm the dro wrap braceletp do wrap braceletwn menu OR state yo wrap braceletur preference in the \u201cno wrap bracelette to wrap bracelet seller\u201d bo wrap braceletx at checko wrap braceletut.Get creative. Make it yo wrap braceleturs. And ro wrap braceletck it! All eyes will be o wrap braceletn yo wrap braceletu. This listing is fo wrap braceletr ONE silver bird triple wrap bracelet in the co wrap braceletlo wrap braceletr o wrap braceletf yo wrap braceletur cho wrap braceletice. The last pho wrap braceletto wrap bracelet sho wrap braceletws ho wrap braceletw to wrap bracelet stack it with yo wrap braceletur o wrap braceletwn favo wrap braceletrite bangles & bracelets fo wrap braceletr a co wrap braceleto wrap braceletl bo wrap braceletho wrap bracelet chic style.>>> This HappyGo wrap braceletLicky item is MADE to wrap bracelet ORDER by artist, Melissa Drake, no wrap bracelett kept in sto wrap braceletck. See o wrap braceletur current wo wrap braceletrk co wrap braceletmpletio wrap braceletn schedule in o wrap braceletur sho wrap braceletp anno wrap braceletuncement, OR the "Shipping & returns" sectio wrap braceletn o wrap braceletf the item "Overview," OR ask us. Tracking info wrap bracelet will be emailed when shipped. <<<>>> DIMENSIONS <<< Silver measures appro wrap braceletximately 2" x 1 1/8\u201d ( 50mm x 28mm), tassel is 1 1/2\u201d (38mm) lo wrap braceletng, leather bracelet is 3/8\u201d (10mm) wide. Each is hand made so wrap bracelet yo wrap braceleturs will differ slightly fro wrap braceletm the o wrap braceletne pho wrap braceletto wrap braceletgraphed. Co wrap braceletlo wrap braceletrs may vary fro wrap braceletm pho wrap braceletto wrap bracelet due to wrap bracelet co wrap braceletmputer mo wrap braceletnito wrap braceletrs.>>> SIZING <<< This bracelet is custo wrap braceletm made fo wrap braceletr yo wrap braceletu and requires yo wrap braceletur wrist measurement. It\u2019s easy to wrap bracelet do wrap bracelet. Gently (no wrap bracelett tightly) wrap a flexible tape measure aro wrap braceletund yo wrap braceletur wrist OR use a piece o wrap braceletf string then measure it with a ruler. Accurate measurements mean a go wrap braceleto wrap braceletd fitting bracelet and avo wrap braceletidance o wrap braceletf a 10% exchange fee fo wrap braceletr remaking. Please ask if yo wrap braceletu have questio wrap braceletns.See o wrap braceletur entire line o wrap braceletf handmade silver wrap bracelets, rings, necklaces, & earrings here no wrap braceletw: https://www./sho wrap braceletp/happygo wrap braceletlickyCLICK o wrap braceletn the fo wrap braceletllo wrap braceletwing links to wrap bracelet see mo wrap braceletre jewelry:READY to wrap bracelet SHIP Jewelry: & Cuffs: Wrap Bracelets: Jewelry: Jewelry: Wrap Bracelets: this jewelry design in yo wrap braceletur favo wrap braceletrites fo wrap braceletr later by clicking o wrap braceletn the little heart at the to wrap braceletp right o wrap braceletf the pic! And, FAVORITE o wrap braceletur sho wrap braceletp to wrap bracelet see updates o wrap braceletf NEW designs and receive COUPON CODES.Jo wrap braceletin o wrap braceletur email tribe fo wrap braceletr sales, co wrap braceletupo wrap braceletn co wrap braceletdes, new designs, and events by co wrap braceletpying and pasting this link in yo wrap braceletur bro wrap braceletwser: wrap braceletLickySubscribeKeep yo wrap braceletur jewelry sparkling with this specially fo wrap braceletrmulated po wrap braceletlishing clo wrap braceletth 2" swatch, just eno wrap braceletugh & can be reused do wrap braceletzens o wrap braceletf times. Only $1.99 with jewelry purchase: http://www./happygo wrap braceletlicky/listing/63286328/Prio wrap braceletr to wrap bracelet purchase please familiarize yo wrap braceleturself with o wrap braceletur shipping & returns po wrap braceletlicies here: https://www./yo wrap braceletur/sho wrap braceletps/HappyGo wrap braceletLicky/po wrap braceletliciesRead o wrap braceletur Quit Yo wrap braceletur Day Jo wrap braceletb article here: http://www./blo wrap braceletg/en/2011/quit-yo wrap braceletur-day-jo wrap braceletb-happygo wrap braceletlicky/STAY CONNECTED!"Fo wrap braceletllo wrap braceletw" and "Like" us fo wrap braceletr special deals & co wrap braceletupo wrap braceletn co wrap braceletdes-Instagram: wrap braceletm/happygo wrap braceletlickyjewelry/Pinterest: wrap braceletm/HappyGo wrap braceletLickyFacebo wrap braceleto wrap braceletk: https://www.facebo wrap braceleto wrap wrap braceletm/HappyGo wrap braceletLickyJewelryTwitter: wrap braceletm/ByHappyGo wrap braceletLickyTumblr: www.happygo wrap wrap braceletm\u00a9HappyGo wrap braceletLicky ORIGINAL Design. 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