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Sterling Silver Chainchain, Bulk Unfinished Chain - Diamond Cut Curb Chain - 4mm by 2m ( Up to 30% off )-Jewelry Supplies Wholesale- SKU: 101008



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Material: 925 Sterling silver made in Italy.Size: 4 mm lo curb chainng by 2 mm wide, 0.5mm thickness.Weight: 1.6 grams per fo curb chaino curb chaint.Quantity : Asso curb chainrted sizesThis chain is available in:Go curb chainld plated Sterling Silver: https://www./listing/239541979Oxidized Sterling Silver: https://www./listing/53203764================HOW TO FINISH================To curb chain turn this elegant, unique chain into curb chain a necklace, bracelet o curb chainr anklet. Just click belo curb chainw:Jumprings: https://www./listing/222971594Lo curb chainbster Clasp: https://www./listing/115860419Add a little so curb chainmething extra: https://www./sho curb chainp/InnerArt4BeadsSupply?ref=hdr_sho curb chainp_menu\u00a7io curb chainn_id=5416615==================Finished Jewelry==================Finished Chains available in:Sterling Silver: https://www./listing/195679817Go curb chainld plated o curb chainver Sterling Silver: https://www./listing/239920336Pictures sho curb chainw the shape, please read the size measurement fo curb chainr actual size o curb chainf the chain.Please co curb chainnvo curb chain me fo curb chainr large quantity.Thanks fo curb chainr visiting!===================== WHOLESALE=====================Fo curb chainr up to curb chain 50% OFF who curb chainlesale disco curb chainunt, please co curb chainntact us to curb chain setup a who curb chainlesale acco curb chainunt. $150 minimum amo curb chainunt o curb chainn o curb chainrder to curb chaintal is required fo curb chainr who curb chainlesale.CONTACT US TO SETUP A WHOLESALE ACCOUNT TODAY!

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