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girly accessories, Satin Ribbon Bright Spectrum Shoe Laces - Extra Super Long Knee High Boot Shoelaces - 200 Inches - CHOOSE YOUR COLOR



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CUSTOM LISTING! One pair of thick, wonderful satin ribbon laces measuring 200 inches each! Ribbon for days, wee!!--Why wear your super awesome shoes with boooooring old laces when you could have fabulous, big, begging for a giant bow ribbon laces?Stand out with these gloriously shiny, silky laces!Available colors:Carbon BlackSnow WhiteChocolate BrownFuchsia PinkLavenderOrchid PurpleRoyal Purple Pastel BlueCerulean BlueCobalt BlueNavy BlueAquamarineMint GreenTurquoiseLime GreenKelly GreenForest GreenSunshine YellowOrangeRose PinkSilver GreyAntique GoldBright GoldMeasuring 5/8 an inch wide and an extra super 100" long, these will fit into a pair of knee high boots wonderfully!Each lace is cut on a diagonal angle like ribbon traditionally is and heat sealed to prevent against fraying. They look wonderfully girly when in a bow!VERY easy to lace thru the lace rivets, so don't fret a headache trying to get them in your shoes!Interested in a custom color, size, or print? Just ask! I love hunting ribbon!, pink satin lace

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