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branch ringwoodgrain band thin mens ring MEDIUM PLYWOOD 5mm width sterling silver ready to ship



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faux boismedium PLYWOOD woodgrain ringa carpenter's dream in sterling silver"Medium Plywood" is a graphic, undulating woodgrain design with 2 full knots, a half knot, and a tiny knot.This unique ring is a collaboration between my husband & I. He is also an artist, a painter & printmaker, so he has applied his engraving techniques the the wax ring band I gave him.This ring was carved directly into wax, engraved with hand drawn faux bois texture, and then cast directly into gold using the lost wax process.The surface was wire brushed to highlight the wood grain texture. ready to shipBand is 5 mm wide.Need a different size?Made to order custom size listing is here:https://www./listing/161870933/woodgrain-ring-medium-plywood-5mm-width?ga_search_query=5mm&ref=shop_items_search_2Handmade in NYthanks for looking!

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