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These crystal angel earrings are very cute and are made from Austrian Crystals. The colors on their collar are lt. blue or aquamarine for March, red for Jan. or July, lavender or amethyst for Feb., clear crystal for April, Peridot for August, Topaz for Nov., and dark blue or sapphire for Sept. They are approx. 1" long. The angels themselves will always be clear crystal A.B. Just specify which color you want for the collar on the angels. They are $8.00 a pair. Not all crystals will be the exact same size. I have several pairs if you want more then one. I can also make an angel for a necklace to match your earrings but it would be $4.00 extra and would NOT include a chain. I have plenty so I can make as many as you want until the colored stones run out.If you live outside the U.S. there will be a charge for shipping.Thank you for visiting my site and have a great day., earrings

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