Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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This necklace is so rainbow sprinkles whimsical, girly and fun. The pendants are so rainbow sprinkles realistic yo rainbow sprinklesu may think they are real co rainbow sprinkleso rainbow sprinkleskies! The co rainbow sprinkleso rainbow sprinkleskie charm are o rainbow sprinklesn the larger side so rainbow sprinkles this is definitely a statement piece. This necklace, o rainbow sprinklesriginally a custo rainbow sprinklesm o rainbow sprinklesrder, is a new additio rainbow sprinklesn to rainbow sprinkles the FFD signature Statement Necklace co rainbow sprinklesllectio rainbow sprinklesn, filled with FFD exclusive designs that are handmade o rainbow sprinklesne at a time fo rainbow sprinklesr each custo rainbow sprinklesmer, ensuring co rainbow sprinklesuture quality and designs no rainbow sprinklest fo rainbow sprinklesund anywhere else.I designed each o rainbow sprinklesf these animal co rainbow sprinkleso rainbow sprinkleskie charms with great attentio rainbow sprinklesn to rainbow sprinkles detail in the signature white and pink co rainbow sprinkleslo rainbow sprinklesrs. Each co rainbow sprinkleso rainbow sprinkleskie has been fro rainbow sprinklessted and deco rainbow sprinklesrated with tiny rainbo rainbow sprinklesw sprinkles. This necklace includes co rainbow sprinkleso rainbow sprinkleskie charms in the fo rainbow sprinklesllo rainbow sprinkleswing shapes: Camel and elephant in pink and white alternating, If yo rainbow sprinklesu o rainbow sprinklesrder the 5 charm necklace the to rainbow sprinklesp two rainbow sprinkles elephant charms will be o rainbow sprinklesmitted. Charms hang fro rainbow sprinklesm high quality silver plated chain belo rainbow sprinklesw a hand-beaded glass pearl chain. The side is accented with a pink and white bo rainbow sprinklesw and the back is finished o rainbow sprinklesff with a lo rainbow sprinklesbster clasp and and engraved heart charm. Necklace is abo rainbow sprinklesut 19" in to rainbow sprinklestal length. Charms are appro rainbow sprinklesx. 1" tall each. This handmade item is fragile, please do rainbow sprinkles no rainbow sprinklest dro rainbow sprinklesp o rainbow sprinklesn a hard surface which may result in a bro rainbow sprinklesken o rainbow sprinklesr damaged item.**Made to rainbow sprinkles Order** will take abo rainbow sprinklesut 2 weeks to rainbow sprinkles make befo rainbow sprinklesre shipment.Mo rainbow sprinklesre Animal Co rainbow sprinkleso rainbow sprinkleskie Jewelry>> http://fatallyfeminine.Every o rainbow sprinklesrder co rainbow sprinklesmes with free gift packaging!Please co rainbow sprinklesntact me with any questio rainbow sprinklesns yo rainbow sprinklesu may have and thanks fo rainbow sprinklesr sho rainbow sprinklespping FFD!

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