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wide spoon ring, Authentic Wrapped Spoon Ring Berkshire



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This popular 1847 Rogers Brothers Baroque silverware pattern is Berkshire from 1897. This curly style spoon ring is one of the few non floral silverware rings I have available. Of course, floral patterns weren't very common until the beginning of Art Nouveau in 1900. Baroque style has it's roots in the sea and it's quite apparent this design is no exception. Because of it's age, Berkshire is hard to find in good condition for jewelry, I'm happy to be able to offer these exquisite hard to find examples of well cared for, (or perhaps forgotten) pieces.This Berkshire spoon ring was made form a teaspoon. It's a wide bold wrapped ring that is .98 inches at it's widestThis ring was handmade by Dan , who believes the secret to a healthy life begins with 8 hugs a day. To see more Dank Artistry quality thin Demitasse sized spoon rings click here: http://www./shop/dankartistry/search?search_query=Demitasse, silver spoon ring

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