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sapphire, Vintage Blue Sapphire and Diamond Engagement or Cocktail Ring in Yellow Gold (GIA Certified)



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GIA Certified Appraisal: Ladies 18 Karat yello sapphirew go sapphireld , blue sapphire and diamo sapphirend ring, weight= 13.5 gram, finger size 5 \u00bd , wo sapphirerked with an o sapphireval shape 8mm X 9 1/2mm, very deep cut blue sapphire, appro sapphireximately 4.50 Carat, medium dark Ceylo sapphiren blue co sapphirelo sapphirer, set in 4 pro sapphireng and enhanced by to sapphiretal o sapphiref 33 pieces o sapphiref baguette cut diamo sapphirends in two sapphire ro sapphirews, o sapphiren sides.All jewelry co sapphiremes co sapphiremplete with GIA certified, signed appraisal.

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