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sand stone, Sparkling Blue Goldstone Pendant with Hand Fabricated Sterling Silver Setting



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I wish I could include a Video to show how Extremely Sparkly this pendant is. I have taken photos from different angles to try and shoe its true beauty. It has a 25x18mm Blue Goldstone Cabochon....a dark Midnight Blue with thousands of tiny glittering flecks. It always reminds me of a Starry Night. Goldstone is not a natural stone. It is glass with silver flecks throughout. The raw material comes from one place in the world....a Monastery in Italy where the Monks have had the secret "recipe" for Goldstone since Medevil times.It is set into my own Hand Fabricated Sterling Silver Setting with a Pretty Beaded Border. It's fully backed in Silver and is signed "Sterling-Guss" on the back.It measures 1-1/2 inches tall ( including the bale) and is a hair short of being 1 inch across ( at its widest point).Thanks so much for looking !I have a Second Etsy Shop with my line of less expensive Glass and Non-Precious Metal Jewelry.Check it out at: www./shop/CathyGussDesigns, setting

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