Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

black widow, helix earring indian nose ring cartilage hoop avengers nose hoop tragus hoop black widow beaded hoops 20g nose hoop niobium by thebeadedlily



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helix earring, indian nose ring, cartilage hoop, avengers, nose hoop, tragus hoop, black widow, beaded hoops, 20g nose hoop, niobium nose ring, beaded nose ring, red black nose ring, gold fill nose ring--I make these tiny hoops in your favorite superhero colors, handforming each hoop and ringlet and selecting each bead. This one is Black Widow-- red and black-- on a gold fill or a niobium hoop.From the drop-down menus choose delicate 22 gauge (0.64mm) or sturdy 20 gauge (0.81mm), inner diameter, metal and whether you want a single hoop or a set. Both the gold fill and niobium versions have gold fill ringlets.The main picture is 20g, 8mm.Picture 3 is all 6 hoops in the Avengers Collection in 20g, 8mm.Picture 4 is a 20g 10mm Iron Man hoop in all niobium, a thinner 22g 9mm Loki hoop in mixed metal and a 20g 10mm gold fill Loki.Picture 5 shows 20g, 8mm hoops on a millimeter and inch ruler.Please check below for sizing details and materials information.Please expect slight variations due to the handmade nature of the hoops., niobium nose ring

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