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unique, Antler Earrings Dusk White Buffalo-hand painted



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These striking earrings are made of sliced deer antler with a white buffalo silhouetted against the last purple glow in the evening sky and a snow capped mountain hand painted on each one. The buffalo was the great provider for the Native Peoples, who hunted them for their meat but also used their bones for tools and weapons, hides for shelter and clothing, sinew for sewing, all parts were used. this gave the buffalo great power in their lives, but the white buffalo was highly revered as a spirit animal, a prophet .These are a unique, one of a kind gift or addition to YOUR collection. They are approximately 1 inch long and have a lot of texture from the antler. They are very light to wear!The Artist (me)has signed and dated the back of each earring. They are on Surgical Stainless Steel fishhook earrings with plastic stoppers and packaged in a glass topped plastic case with foam cushion.What a wonderful gift these would make for that special someone who collect white buffalo and native arts or you could keep them for yourself!!, hand painted

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