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Skunk NecklaceThis beautiful woodland skunk necklace would be the perfect gift for that woodland forest animal collector in your life or even for yourself.The wood and metal beads were hand-strung onto black waxed linen necklace cord. I'm happy to customize beading and have a variety of colored cord besides black.The cute, hand painted animals are made of fine ceramic clay. They are individually hand painted so color varies a bit.The skunk necklace pendant measures 2/3 inch wide by 7/8 inch high. The necklace comes displayed on an attractive Crocodile Creations Card. On the back of the card is Totem information about the animal.Also, 100% of monthly proceeds from this Etsy shop benefits High Desert Tortoise Sanctuary & Reptile Rescue, a 501 (c) 3 non profit animal rescue. Formerly, International Reptile Rescue.We also have an eBay store "Crocodile Collectibles" for lots more unique and traditional items so please check it out. 100% of those sales also benefit the Sanctuary.SKUNK TOTEMThose with the skunk as their totem have a tendency not to listen to their intuition or inner wisdom.Skunk medicine teaches how to comprehend a warning.Skunks are solitary animals spending most days underground. They\u2019ll dig their own burrow but happy to take over another animals abandoned den.When a skunk feels threatened it raises it\u2019s tail & stamps it\u2019s feet. If that doesn\u2019t work, it hisses & turns around & sprays.Skunks accurately aim & spray 10-14 ft. The oily spray irritates the predators eyes long enough for the skunk get away.When a skunk appears in your life it wants to teach you how to develop your inner vision beyond what the eye perceives., skunk

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