Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

silver, A gold vermeil plated sterling silver twig bracelet



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I fo natureund a budding branch in my garden early in the spring and had a mo natureld made and cast it in sterling silver. \r\rI decided to nature make it into nature a bracelet and have wo naturern mine fo naturer mo naturest o naturef the year.\r\rI am no naturew ready to nature sell these and I abso naturelutely lo natureve mine.\r\rThis listing is fo naturer a 18K go natureld vermeil twig bracelet\r\rTry layering them up and wear a co natureuple o naturef silver twigs with a go natureld in between.\r\rThese bracelets are meant to nature be adjusted to nature yo natureur o naturewn wrist so nature feel free to nature squeeze them into nature shape and do naturen't be frightened!!

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